White Vinegar Uses

White Vinegar Uses.

Thank you for buying your white vinegar and other green cleaning essentials from Summer Naturals! White vinegar has many uses in the home here are just a few:

For cleaning the toilet, spray white vinegar around the bowl and under the rim, add some Bicarbonate of Soda, allow it to fizz, leave for half an hour for a deeper clean and then scrub with the toilet brush.

White Vinegar is also a degreaser and so is excellent for cleaning the oven and BBQs, again spray with vinegar, sprinkle on Bicarb, leave for a while and then wipe away.

White vinegar is also used in laundry as a water softener and is very popular with mum's using cloth nappies.>

White vinegar is also suitable for weed killing and will kill dandelions if used neat and will remove the green slimy substance that forms in damp areas and on paths.

A mixture of white vinegar and Bicarbonate of soda is a safe method of adding to drains and safe to use with septic tanks. Use a quarter of a cup of bicarb and half a cup of vinegar, this may need repeating for heavy clogging of the drains.

We thought about a few ways to reuse the empty vinegar containers and we came up with several. Cut the bottom off of the container and use as a coloured pencil tidy for children, if the edges are sharp you could cover with cut up pages from a magazine and stick them onto the plastic and cover with pva glue. The bottoms could also be used to place plant pots in or used in the garden as slug traps.


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