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Hello, we are a small family run business that opened in April 2006. Thank you for looking at our website.

How did it all start? By accident! Id been a mother and housewife for 15 years, I still am a mother and housewife, anyway one day I was browsing the internet like you do and I came a across a community of women who considered themselves holistic. I didnt know what holistic meant but I wasnt prepared to admit this so I read quite a lot about what they were talking about and I felt very interested. It occurred to me that I was familiar with their topics, Id been raised in a very traditional atmosphere, allotment gardening was the norm, using natural cleaning methods had been the norm, Id been raised to love all things natural, only as Id grown up Id lost a lot of the traditions and sunk into what seemed like a new norm of chemical this and convenience that.

One day, someone was chatting about Eco Balls, with a large family to wash for it seemed a good idea to try to save some money, Id still not grasped the environmentally friendly aspect at this stage but it was my first step towards a greener lifestyle. Then the introduction of recycle facilities came about and I felt so very keen to recycle. The next step came when I started to bombard the ladies on this forum with questions about cleaning with vinegar, compost bins, you name it, I asked it. They were very helpful.

Very soon Id thrown all of the chemical cleaners away and completely changed the products that I used in our home. Next step was to start making my own soap, wine and anything that I could make, it all turned into a huge hobby and one that I could share with my children, I wanted a vegetable garden, hens - I still want hens, a wind turbine, I still want a turbine and where I could I changed as much as I could. We have not changed everything and Im not perfect and could never claim to be.

Anyway one day I decided to buy some essential oils which, I wanted to sell, I dont know why I bought them, I just did. One of the ladies on the forum asked could I sell White Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda too. Then someone jokingly said why dont you open a shop and then someone else jokingly said I know someone who can make you a website and before I knew it these ladies were sending me wish lists of items that theyd like me to stock in this imaginary shop and before I knew it I was researching it all, the website was under construction and here I am.

I had no intention of ever running a business, I didnt know how, my skills stopped at the kitchen sink. I have had lots of help from my lovely friend Jess and her husband Robert and lots of support from the lovely ladies on that holistic forum. Yet Summer Naturals still isnt intended to be a business, it is designed to provide people with the ingredients that they need to clean in an environmentally friendly manner. I see Summer Naturals as being a service rather than a business, I want other people to enjoy looking after their environment, their families and themselves. I want as many people as possible to know that there are easy alternatives to cleaning with chemicals, to prevent polluting our water system and in turn our bodies. I want people to recycle, to use Freecycle, to prevent landfill, to preserve energy supplies and water. I want people to enjoy making their own toiletries and cleaning products, I want people to save money, I want people to be environmentally conscious. I want quite a lot really and this is why I can thank each and every one of my customers for purchasing from Summer Naturals because it makes me happy to know that people care about the world that we live in and it makes me happy to know that Summer Naturals can help by continuing to sell, as unglamorous as it is, White Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda.
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