Soap Flakes - Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free Soap Flakes - Vegan Friendly 

Soap flakes are a traditional cleaning product, ideal for washing fabrics such as wool, silk, linen and cotton clothing. Other uses for soap flakes are shampooing carpets and rugs, Washing down wooden floors and cleaning ceramic.  

No Enzymes, No Bleach, No Optical Brighteners, No Allergens, No Additives - Kind to your skin and clothes.

For Handwashing: Dissolve soap flakes in hot water, 40g for harder water areas and 60g for softer water areas, Work fabric into soapy mixture and rinse well, Squeeze or pat dry.

For Washing Machines: Dissolve soap flakes in 500ml of hot water, Pour directly into the washing machine drum. Wash on usual cycle. Medium to High water temperatures work best, 500g of Soap Flakes can do approx 8-9 machine washes.

Caution: Keep away from children, Rinse hands after use, Do not ingest, Keep away from eyes. 

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