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White Spirit Vinegar for natural green cleaning, kind to the environment and a safe alternative to chemical filled cleaning products and weed killers. A versatile and economic cleaning product with many uses around the home. Spirit vinegar as a cleaning agent is less smelly and more suitable for cleaning. 

Everything you need to know:

5 litre White Vinegar (spirit) is a genuine brewed vinegar and not a chemically produced non brewed condiment! You can fit 4 x 5 litre  bottles into your box for the same postage cost of £6.99* Summer Naturals promote cleaning with white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to reduce damage caused by chemicals to the environment. Make white vinegar your main natural cleaning green product. The bottles are made from HDPE 2 and are recyclable!!!!!**

Storage: The vinegar needs to be stored in a cool dark place away from sunlight with the cap tightly sealed. When using for cleaning, never place a cloth over the end of the the bottle, the cloth may be contaminated and any bacteria entering the bottle will cause the vinegar to product "Mother", leaving the lid off of the bottle may also cause "Mother" to form as bacteria from the air can contain contaminants. Mother is naturally forming in vinegar and is harmless and can be removed and the vinegar is perfectly fine to use. The nature of Mother also means that it will start to live off of the acetic acid content of the vinegar and in time the strength of the vinegar can reduce. We suggest once opening a 5 litre container that it is used within 4 to 6 months. 

This white spirit vinegar with 5% acetic acid, is not distilled and is ideal for chemical free green cleaning; it is kind to the environment and an economic way to clean. White spirit vinegar is brewed from molasses (sugar) and contains no chemicals.

Not suitable for marble, granite, sandstone or grout, wooden floors or furniture. Please test a small area of any surface before use. 

Vinegar has detergent and disinfectant properties so very versatile for use in the home especially in the kitchen and bathroom, it is particularly good for removing limescale and soap scum from showers and around sinks and basins, a little more elbow grease may be required when compared to using posh chemical filled cleaning products but the benefits to the environment and to health outweighs this.

When used in the washing machine, white vinegar helps to keep lime scale down and is used to soften nappies and towels instead of fabric conditioner. For nasty smells in the washing machine use half a cup of vinegar and run the machine on an eco cycle.

White vinegar is often used for cleaning out pet enclosures and can be used to make horse fly spray by mixing 50% white vinegar, 50% cold tea and adding enough citronella essential oil for the mixture to smell of the oil. White vinegar can also be used to get rid of mice as they do not like the smell. Fill a bowl with vinegar and soak some old rags in the vinegar, squeeze the rags and leave these in areas where the mice are present. When the rags have dried out soak them again to deter the mice coming back.

White vinegar is also an effective weed killer and can be used on green slimy paths to kill algae and on many weeds including dandelions and Liverwort which is untouched by the expensive and strong glyphosate (an ingredient of all powerful weed killers) The disadvantage of vinegar is that you must be very careful with wanted plants as these will also be killed with contact with vinegar.

See our White Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda information pages on uses for these natural cleaning ingredients.

*Delivery. Vinegar is prone to damage in transit from time to time, we ask that parcels that appear damaged are accepted at time of delivery, we can then sort out any problems once we are made aware of them.

**We know that many of you want to reduce the amount of plastic that you use but we are unable to sell vinegar in glass bottles. The bottles used for Summer Natural's vinegar are recyclable and with some imagination can be cut down and used in many ways, I am going to grow tomatoes in mine next year. We are sorry but we are unable to arrange the return of the used bottles.

White Vinegar Health And Safety Sheet

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