We appreciate you taking time to check out the questions and answers on this page, it reduces staff time and helps us to keep our prices down.

Registering your details and logging in.

Q: Why do you ask for a Company Name in the registration form?

A: If you are a business or company please help us and add your details, it helps when ordering the courier label and helps the courier find your property, the courier website stores most business addresses and doesn't always update when a new business has moved into the premises, if we know the correct business name it is much easier to get your parcel to the correct address.

Q: I have forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?

A: There is a link under the log in boxes, please check your spam box if a new password isn't sent.

Payment Problems.

We use Nochex and Paypal as payment processors, we do not handle your card details. Nochex have  very strict fraud prevention measures, your card and address details have to match exactly and entering incorrect card details may result in your card being blocked. Nochex will block a card after three failed attempts at adding the incorrect card details, these three attempts do not have to be on the Summer Naturals website, if you have added the details incorrectly previously on any other website this will contribute to the three failed attempts. Please contact us if your card is blocked whilst using Summer Naturals. We do understand that having a card blocked is inconvenient but it is beyond our control. Help with unblocking a card may also be available at http://www.nochex.com/shoppers/

In the event that your card is blocked the payment will not be taken, you should still be able to use your card on other websites where Nochex isn't used as a payment processor. 

Q: Can i pay over the phone?

A: We do not take payment over the phone. We do have several other methods of accepting payment; these include cheque; postal order; direct bank payment (bank details only offered after an order has been placed); Paypal and credit card at the time of order online. We are an online business only and so we ask all customers to order and pay online, this cuts down on admin costs and allows us to keep our prices down.

Q: I think that I may have paid twice.

A: It's not happened yet but quite a few customers have been worried that they may have paid twice. In the unlikely event that this may happen, not a problem, I can see exactly what has been paid for and what hasn't, who paid it and how it was paid. Any double payments will always be refunded in full even if it incurs a charge to us.

Q: I have had an email from Nochex or Paypal stating that I have paid but no order confirmation is this a problem?

A: Occasionally there are technical hitches at the time of order and payment is taken but the order fails, unfortunately we are not always aware that this has happened, if you do not get an order confirmation please contact us. Occasionally customers type in an email address incorrectly, this will prevent any emails at all being sent from the site so there would be no registration email, confirmation of order email, dispatch email or email from the courier company, we ask that you check your email carefully when registering on the site. Adding an incorrect email will also mean that you may struggle to log into the site again, please contact us if you know that you have added incorrect email details.

Delivery Information

Q; Which Courier Company do you use?

A: Our main courier company is DHL, we also use My Hermes and Royal Mail.

Q: Can I arrange to have my delivery left outside and unsigned for?

A: Many customers do leave details of a safe place to have their parcel left at, unfortunately we have had customers who have had parcels stolen. Parcels are not insured for theft where a signature has not been obtained where a parcel has been left outside, this includes damage from the elements too. The courier is expected to get a signature and may refuse to leave a parcel in a selected safe place if he does not feel it is safe to do so. Full details can be found in our T&C which you are asked to agree to read before proceeding through the checkout. If you need any assistance with a delivery please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: The courier did not deliver my parcel as expected. What happens and can I have a refund?

A: For this we apologise, 99% of deliveries are problem free and DHL work to very strict routes and time scales, occasionally traffic congestion, adverse weather or any number of things can hold a driver up, they really do work hard though at getting your parcel delivered in the time scale offered.  Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund for a delayed delivery, the best we can do is apologise and DHL always apologises and asks for that apology to be passed on. There will always be a reason beyond a driver's control for a delayed delivery.

Q: You have told me that my parcel is due for delivery on a day that I won't be home what do I do?

A: DHL will usually leave a parcel with a neighbour. If neighbours are not home a card will be left. You will also have been sent an email or SMS so that you know what is happening with your parcel. The card/email/sms does need a response so that the parcel can be redelivered.  If you do not respond to the card the parcel will be held for a maximum of 5 days, after this time the parcel will be classed as unwanted and returned to us, there is a £12 returns fee for this.  You can also use that card to have your parcel left in a safe place,  theft or damage of parcels after the parcel has been left in your selected safe place is not covered by DHL or Summer Naturals.

Q: I arranged to have my parcel left in a safe place and unsigned for and it isn't there, what do I do?

A: If tracking states that a parcel has been left but there is no parcel there then we ask for you to check the area around your house, garages and with neighbours etc. We also ask you to check your account details to make sure that the address is correct including post code, errors with addresses cause errors with deliveries.  A missing parcel isn't always a stolen parcel and we will do everything that we can to try to locate your parcel. DHL vans are tracked with GPS and the Saturn handguns are also tracked. DHL can locate their vans and drivers using GPS at all times and they have many tools to determine if a parcel was stolen or not. Where a parcel has been stolen after a request to leave in a safe place, DPD or Summer Naturals will not be responsible and we advise customers to contact the police. To add, there have been several occasions where a parcel has been missing but hasn't actually been missing; once a parcel has been updated as being delivered we are confident that it has been delivered. we ask that full checks are made to make sure that it hasn't been hidden under other deliveries or been put away by someone else or on top of the wardrobe, tracking a parcel takes a lot of time and cost and yes, parcels have turned up on the top of wardrobes.

Delivery Charges.

Q: How much will delivery be?

A: Delivery is based on weight and size. 

Q: Why am i being asked to pay more because I live in a courier excess postage zone?

A: Some areas attract an excess delivery charge, the details are available on our Postage and Packaging page and also on the shipping options selection page. WE ask that customers in these post code areas either select RM delivery or contact us for a shipping rate. Where the information on the site and in the T&C have been ignored, a parcel will be held, we will contact you and ask if you are happy to accept a slower shipping company, pay any excess or have the order cancelled. Where details have been bypassed we can not help the delay on a parcel being dispatched. Where a customer fails to reply we will refund after 7 days.

Product Information

Q: What percentage acetic acid is Summer Naturals's Vinegar?

A: Our vinegar is 5% or 12% acetic acid. It is white spirit vinegar which smells less pungent than white distilled malt vinegar.

Problems after an order has been placed.

Q: I would like to add an item to my order how do I do this?

A: Adding to an existing order can be done by placing a new order for the additional item, please contact us first to make sure that the order hasn't been dispatched, we will then combine the two orders for delivery and refund any excess delivery back to you. We will let you know if the second order is due for a postage refund, as long as all the items combined fit into one of our standard boxes and the weight and size is within the maximum limits we are able to refund the second lot of delivery costs back to you. This does however cost us extra money to do and on some items we may charge a £0.20p fee for the additional order where it is being combined.

Q: I have a problem with my order, will it be sorted out?

A: Worry not. If you have phoned or emailed because there is a problem with your order, I will always contact you myself to sort the problem out although an email will be replied to much sooner than a phone call will. If you have problems contacting me or there is no fast reply please check on the home page to see if we are closed for a few days. (We all like a little break). Please be assured that I will contact you as soon as possible to sort out any problems - I want happy customers.

Q: Part of my order is missing what should I do?

A: We now ask that you check the packaging carefully before discarding, more often than not delicate and light products are trapped in packaging. Very often the "missing" item is found. Please do not feel offended if we ask you to check, we are aware that on occasion we make mistakes, we will ask you to confirm if the packaging slip was ticked or not, this helps with stock levels and it helps us to work out how we made a mistake. 

Q: Where is my order?

A: Missing or undelivered orders happen occasionally. The most common reason for a missing order is because the confirm order button after the payment page wasn't hit, this means that we didn't get your order or any payment, it is easy done, I have done it myself on other websites. If you log into your account and your items are still in your basket then this is certainly what has happened. The next most probably reason for your order not arriving is a problem with delivery, this could be because you were not in to accept the parcel; The parcel has been left with a neighbour or the local post office. Please check to see if you have had a delivery card delivered advising where your parcel has been left. Rarely a parcel may be lost or damaged, you will be sent an email with a tracking code if you have opted for your parcel to be sent using a courier, you will be able to see where your parcel is. Please contact us with any problems so that we can help. And finally, cyber space blips can occur at the exact moment you press the confirm button and order and payment fail or order fails but payment goes through. It is important that you save the payment email that is sent to you after you have placed an order although we can see who has paid what, you would need this in case of a dispute. 99.9% of the time there are no blips and orders run smoothly but please be assured that we will always do what we can to sort out a problem.

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