Madder Root 100g


Madder Root is a hard dried root and is used as a natural dye for fabric, soap and cosmetics, it offers a very subtle shade of pink through to a deeper pink depending on the amount of  time it is infused. For soap making the root can be infused in the liquid oil content of the soap The root can be crushed in a mortar and pestle or used as it is. Please note that infusion can take several weeks and is not instant and the oil may not look much different in colour, the results are notes when the soap is made. 

The root can also be ground finely and added to the soap at trace although it is best to remove a small amount of soap and mix the root powder into this and then add to the rest of the soap, the madder root can also be added to the lye solution. Madder adds such a lovely natural colour to soap.

Madder is also used in dyeing fabrics and wool as well as wood.

MSDS Madder Root

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