White Vinegar is a truly versatile natural cleaning product in the home and garden. https://www.summernaturals.co.uk/white-vinegar-5---5-litre

For Laundry: Use one capful in the fabric conditioner drawer to replace fabric conditioner, no smell will remain on your clothing once the rinse and spin cycle has completed. The white vinegar will also help to keep your washing machine limescale free and reduce the build up of mould in the machine. 

General Cleaning: White Vinegar can be used neat or diluted, always test a small patch when attempting to clean a new area as not all surfaces will tolerate vinegar. Glass is probably the best known surface for cleaning with vinegar and so windows, mirrors, shower cubicles can all be cleaned as well as toilets, basins, plastics and when well diluted, vinegar can be used on some wooden surfaces.

For Pet Areas: Spray vinegar diluted in water onto areas where pets may have sprayed or urinated to prevent them using that area again.

In the Garden: Vinegar is a great natural weed killer however use with care near grass and plants. For moss and algae on paths and patios, on a dry day spray vinegar onto the area needing treating, it can then be left, over a few days unless it rains heavily, the green moss and algae will start to die. 

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