How to make your own cleaning products?


With a few simple ingredients you can clean your home economically, more naturally and more cheaply. 

Every ingredient that you will need are available here: https://www.summernaturals.co.uk/natural-cleaning-laundry.

White vinegar can be used for many cleaning jobs, it is an excellent choice for cleaning glass, is often used in the washing machine as a fabric softener. White vinegar is also amazing in the garden and is used as a weed killer, be careful not to allow it onto your plants and lawn. 

Bicarbonate of Soda, another traditional cleaning ingredient which has a multitude of uses, it can be mixed to a paste for cleaning the toilet and basins, is great for cleaning stainless steel, acts as an odour eliminator. Using with White Vinegar extends the cleaning purposes however please don’t mix the two ingredients together to store. 

Always test a small area of the surface that you wish to clean for suitability, some surfaces aren’t suited to some cleaning products. 

Save your used cleaning product spray bottles, wash them out well and refill and reuse with Vinegar cleaning spay, this can be diluted if you wish with water. 

To freshen up a mattress, simply sprinkle a little bicarb, leave for several hours and hoover. 

Use Bicarbonate of Soda in warm water to wash fruit an vegetables. 

There are so many uses for two very simple ingredients.

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