Doing a HAPPY DANCE! Once one of our best selling ingredients, Soap Flakes are available again and now back on the website. 

The original Soap Flakes were manufactured here in the UK, we sold them for years and years, our customers loved them. It was a sad day when we were told that the machinery that manufactured the soap was getting old and expensive to operate. We were able to secure a large amount of Soap Flakes before they disappeared, this allowed us to continue selling them for some time. 

We would get emails, lots of them "Where can I buy Soap Flakes"? We wanted to know too. I could source Soap Flakes in Europe but the price was ridiculous and we do like to keep prices as low as possible. The price per Kg would have been more than twice as much as the English manufactured Soap Flakes. 

I had forgotten about Soap Flakes, until last week, I was asked about them and went in search to see if I could source some and there they were.........And so we have bought in stock and you can find them here: Soap Flakes

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