Soap nuts grow on trees! Their main use is as a laundry detergent, saponin is a natural soap but without the bubbles. 

They are also a pure and natural detergent, environmentally friendly, allergy free, ecological and economical. Soap nuts are allergy free so good for sensitive skin, babies and people with eczema. They contain no chemicals and are a natural organic product. They are biodegradable so simply throw them in your compost bin after use.

We no longer supply the cotton bags, an odd sock tied will work perfectly, even better, the end of a pair of old tights.

How to use: For a small or lightly soiled load, use 4 to 6 soap nuts, for larger or soiled loads 6 to 8 soapnuts, they are better used broken in half. The same soapnuts will last for up to 4 washes. 

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