Natural Fertiliser - Bonemeal 1kg


1KG Bonemeal Natural slow release fertiliser for use all around your garden. Can be used as a root builder around the stems of plants, for the planting of trees to help get them off to a good start and also to keep your plants in top quality condition. Also useful for root crops, peas, beans, sweet peas, dahlias, peony, gladioli and deciduous shrubs.

Not recommended for use on acid loving plants such as Azalea, Rhododendron or Heathers.

When to use: Use in Autumn before first frost for winter boosting, use for new plantings and adding nutrients to garden areas in the spring after the frost has left the ground.

Directions for use: 

New plantingsUse 50g into preprepared holes for planting of trees, shrubs & roses.

Bulb plantingsUse a light sprinkling into preprepared holes in the garden or planters. Use twice in the season, once prior to planting and then again in autumn after the first frost, to give bulbs a boost before they close down for winter.

Vegetable & Flower gardens : Use 75 - 100g per m2 applied and worked evenly into the top 20-30cm of soil. in mulched areas pull back the mulch and scatter the bonemeal in a ring around the plant staying 3 inches away from the crown or stem, re-level the mulch and water thoroughly. 

Indoor Plants : Lightly sprinkle around the plant pot edge and water in.

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