Borax Substitute 500g - 5KG

Borax Substitute can be used for cleaning and laundry it is a traditional household cleaning agent which is safe for the environment. Borax was widely used in the olden days to soften laundry and it is well known for its detergent boosting qualities leaving your laundry cleaner and brighter.

Borax Substitute a natural cleaning product is  now bagged rather than in 500g boxes now replaces the product previously sold as Borax. The properties are identical but the substitute is not suitable for pest control. Available in 1kg, 2kg 3kg and 5kg quantities

Borax Substitute is ideal to use as a floor and wall cleaner and is also a deodoriser and is particularly good at removing urine smells. It is also used for drying flowers.

Ingredients: Sodium Sesquicarbonate 

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